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Another story for the [ profile] schmoop_bingo card (yay!), and this one a Dean/Gabriel story, to boot.   Because [ profile] morganoconner bribed me into it.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


"So, uhm. How does this work?" )


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A present for my dear, dear [ profile] morganoconner, for all those reasons she already knows about.  You are the best, hon, the absolute best.


"You could marry me." )
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Another one for the RPS Incremental Movement 'verse, a little out of order.  I writes 'em the way the muse suggests, I'm afraid.  *shrugs*


"Well, fuck me sideways." )

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'Verse Title: Incremental Movement
Author: [ profile] jessebee
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Pairing: Jared/Richard
Spoilers: Vague for season 5
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. These are real people with real lives that bear no relation or resemblance to this work of fiction.
Word count: ~8100 and growing
Summary: The unhurried tale, told in parts, of two people moving slowly but inexorably toward each other.

Author’s Notes: In the beginning there was [ profile] morganoconner, and then there was [ profile] schmoop_bingo, and the two united proved to be a force unstoppable. This little 'verse is one of the results. Thanks, Morgan-love, for everything. Banner made by the awesome S.

Incremental Movement )
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OMG it's another one! 

This story had actually been in the works for a bit, as part of the Incremental Movement 'verse, but the ending just wasn't happening.  Then, abruptly, it did.  :)  So I'm going ahead and posting it, since if I don't I'll just fart around with it forever.  Set a little earlier in the 'verse.  Jared/Richard PRS, of course. :)


He was their kind-of-sort-of-an-archangel now. )
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More from the Incremental Movement 'verse, and one more square down on the [ profile] schmoop_bingo card.  Damn, I might even make that blackout that [ profile] morganoconner  has been angling for suggesting, at this rate.  And doing so much of it as RPS?  I am so going to the special hell....


"Lay down, and I'll get your back." )
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For the [ profile] schmoop_bingo card again, and it's NOT RPS this time.  Nice to know I can still write something else. ;-)


Sam woke up curled around a height-challenged archangel )

Fic: Sunlit

Aug. 2nd, 2010 05:21 pm
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More [ profile] schmoop_bingo stuff, and another one for the Incremental Movement 'verse.  I think it has, possibly, eaten my brain. 



"Gonna burn yourself good, Jaybird"  )
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Good ye gods, another one for the RPS schmoop!  At this rate I'll have a 'verse and a [ profile] schmoop_bingo  blackout and then what will I do?  *facepalm*


"Jeez, impatient much?" )
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Another one for the [ profile] schmoop_bingo and the new little RPS 'verse.   A 'verse.  Man, how did that happen?


"No, you're from Tennessee, I'm from the South." )
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Another [ profile] schmoop_bingo card square, this one for "reading aloud."  [ profile] morganoconner this is for you, since you asked. :)


Sam's eyebrows pucker. "…was dead?" )
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Another one for the [ profile] schmoop_bingo card thing, this one about "hand-holding."   So there. :)


Gabriel's going mildly bonkers in the gift shop  )
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Fic:  Just Desserts

Vaguely spoiler-y for 5.22,  which would be the reason for the cut. ;-)


Read more... )

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Bits and pieces from all over, mostly from[ profile] comment_fic and the non-angst comment meme on [ profile] gabrielsam.  All by [ profile] jessebee, of course. ;-)   Pairings on all are Sam/Gabriel.    No spoilers whatsoever unless you include 5.08.   Warnings for nekkid peoples/beings having sex and unabashed schmoop.


Read more... )
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Read more... )


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