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Title: Tarnished Silver
Author:  [ profile] jessebee 
Rating:  R
Genre:  Angst, drama, case!fic, slash and preslash, au, fixit!fic, future!fic
Pairing:  Sam/Gabriel, background hints at pre-Dean/Castiel
Spoilers:  Everything through S5, to be safe
Warnings:  See note below
Disclaimer:  Not mine.  It's Kripke's sandbox, I only play and run away.
Word Count:  ~7700

Summary:  The lines between reality and dreams, past and present, love and hate are sometimes very, very fine.


But right now, something was not right.  )
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Another story for the [ profile] schmoop_bingo card (yay!), and this one a Dean/Gabriel story, to boot.   Because [ profile] morganoconner bribed me into it.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


"So, uhm. How does this work?" )


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Bits and pieces from all over, mostly from[ profile] comment_fic and the non-angst comment meme on [ profile] gabrielsam.  All by [ profile] jessebee, of course. ;-)   Pairings on all are Sam/Gabriel.    No spoilers whatsoever unless you include 5.08.   Warnings for nekkid peoples/beings having sex and unabashed schmoop.


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because I've been rather unproductive on those long fics I'm trying to write, so I'm procrastinating with comment fic!  Go me.  I should possibly add that the first one is spoilery for 5.19, just because I'm nice like that.


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Fic:  Trial Run

In which I admit to some anonymous porn, which I'm sure will surprise exactly no-one. ;-)

"You want me to do what?!"  )
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