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For the [ profile] schmoop_bingo card again, and it's NOT RPS this time.  Nice to know I can still write something else. ;-)


Title:  Soon, Upon Waking
Author:  jesse
Rating:  PG-13
Genre:  Schmoop, touch of angst
Pairing:  Gabriel/Sam
Spoilers: 5.19
Warnings:  Irritated archangel?
Disclaimer:  If I owned the show, it would have to be on cable.
Word Count:  ~900
Summary:  Our edges rub rough together, and we begin to fit.

Note:  For the [ profile] schmoop_bingo card square "memories."  Some of these bingo stories will be pure fluff.  This is not one of them.  Or is it?  Thanks again, as always, to [ profile] morganoconner for kind words and asskicking.





Sam woke up curled around a height-challenged archangel, his face buried against a solid shoulder.  The archangel in question smelled like sex and lightning, musky-sweet and dangerous, and Sam had never been more comfortable in his life.  He smiled and breathed in, and then out, out, out.


Strong fingers dragged a caress along the length of Sam's spine.  "Finally awake?" Gabriel murmured.


"Hmm."  Sam rubbed his cheek against furnace-warm skin.  Was he snuggling?  Yeah, it looked like it.  Oh, well.  "Sleep well?"


"Not at all, for several thousand years now."  Gabriel sounded amused.  "But thanks for asking."


What?  "What, so you were awake here – here-here, with me – all night?"


Gabriel snorted.  "Everything we did last night, but you thought I'd let you wake up alone?  Nice, Sam.  I'm touched."


"No, that's not –"  Sam raised his head.  "I'm sorry.  I love that I woke up with you and I want to do it again, a lot, but I don't want you to – watching me sleep has got to be pretty damn boring."


Gabriel's mouth quirked.  "You, Sam Winchester, are a lot of things, but boring isn't one of them."


Possible potential relationship crisis averted for the moment – and he was pretty far gone when thinking the "r" word and "Gabriel" in the same phrase didn't even make him flinch – Sam eased himself up on one elbow.  He traced a finger along the line of Gabriel's right eyebrow just because he could, now, and continued on over smooth skin and down into tousled chestnut hair.  "So, what did you do all night?  Because my snoring can't be that fascinating."


"Memories.  Plots, plans.  Important thinky thoughts," Gabriel said, and he might have gotten away with the solemn look except for the gleam in his eyes.  "Lists of places to take you and positions to take you in.  That sort of thing."


Didn't that just do nice things for Sam's morning wood?  But – "Memories of what?"


Gabriel twitched, like Sam wasn't supposed to have heard that part.  Crap.  "Gabriel?"


Golden eyes slid away and mouth pursed, and Sam knew that expression.  "Dammit, Gabriel."


"You dream in IMAX and 3D, Sam; it's like trying not to watch a train wreck."


"Oh, thank you for that."  Sam pulled back, only to have his wrist caught in an iron grip.




"Let. Go."  And Gabriel did, because he'd promised. 


Sam sat up – and stopped, eyes squeezed shut.  He wouldn't run, dammit, he wouldn't.  He'd promised.


"Everything you've done, I've seen," Gabriel said quietly.  "Half of it I've done myself."


"So not the point."


"I know."  An unnecessary breath.    "I should go."


Absolutely not.  Sam's hand clamped onto Gabriel's leg, familiar shape beneath the sheet.  "Do not snap your fingers."


Gabriel heaved a sigh.  "Humans: so damn contrary.  You liked waking up on top of me, but….  The closer we get, the fewer barriers there are, the harder it gets for me not to do that."


The "that" didn't need definition.  Sam nodded, fighting with himself, because he knew.  They'd talked about it.


The lightest of touches on his back, between his shoulderblades.  "What bothers you so much about it?"  A pause.  "Past the privacy thing and the apocalyptic possession overtones, of course."


Sam snorted, because there were only about four people in the world who could even begin to think about joking about that, and two of them were currently in this bed.  "I'm…." 


He stared at his own hand, his skin dark against the sheet, large and crude and human where it rested over Gabriel's thigh. 


Dark.  Tainted.


You think you've seen everything, but what if, what if…. 


"One day…."  Sam took a breath.  "One day, you'll see something and you won't…."


"Okay, that's e-nough." 


Sam was abruptly on his back with Gabriel leaning over him, limned in morning sunlight, a faint glow in his amber eyes.  "Since your Stanford-sized brain seems to have developed a short in the old memory circuits, how about I kick-start 'em?  I died, Samuel.  For you.  I chose a side.  For you.  Millennia of perfectly good tricks and hiding places, blown literally to Hell and gone, for you.  Do you seriously think that there's anything that could possibly drive me away now?"


Sam stared up at him.


Gabriel glared back.


I chose a side.  For you.


For you.


Sudden revelation was a bitch. 


Sam tried to swallow around the knot in his throat.  "You love me."


"Well, duh!" Gabriel snapped, rolling his eyes.  Then he stilled.  Blinked.  "Did I forget to mention that?"


Sam grinned, the knot dissolving as joy bubbled up like champagne and sunlight in his chest.  "You did, actually."


Gabriel pasted on an unconcerned look but it was no good, Sam knew him now.  "Humans," he said again, but he closed his eyes as Sam threaded fingers into his hair.  "Gotta have everything spelled out for you, don't you?"


"It usually helps," Sam agreed, a bit giddy, and pulled him down to kiss him.


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